Smoke and Rudy's Treats was founded in late 2021 by Boyd Blasi and Bobbi Metli when they each got puppies and started thinking about making healthy treats for their own dogs.

Boyd's dog, a Goldendoodle, is named Smoke. Bobbi's dog, a dachshund, is named Rudy. So the logical business name was "Smoke and Rudy's Treats." The name was a great compliment to their other business, Smokin' Boji BBQ.

The small local business is Iowa-based, and all treats are Iowa-made. The treats are all natural, crafted with peanut butter, applesauce, pumpkin, chicken broth, cinnamon, and wheat flour. The jerky has one ingredient: USDA pure beef. There are no additives, making them a good fit for dogs with dietary restrictions (like Smoke who is a vegetarian because his body has a hard time digesting meats). The treats are also great for discerning dog owners (and dogs like Rudy) who just want to have natural treats without all the preservatives.

Currently, Smoke and Rudy's Treats are available at Sunshine Foods in Milford and Heartland Kennels in rural Fostoria as well as on this website.

Grab a bag today. Our delicious treats will have your dog begging for more.